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Hello I'm Ron.  Welcome to my site

This site is about my drums those that I make so you can purchase them and those that you wish to make yourself on one of my workshops 

These are samples of my drums

Shamanic Rim Drum 
This is my most popular drum which is a goat skin on a 16 inch rim.  These drums are the most popular for people to make in my workshops 

Kahon Drum

These drums are quite different as you sit on them and tap on the back panel which has a fret inside so that it vibrates.  Many rock bands are using these now.  This particular drum was made for a special lady who plays in a country group. 

Mother Drum 

This drum is designed to be played by more than one person. This particular drum was fashioned from an old bass drum that was originally made by world war 1 Italian prisoners of war and was in a very sad state so I had the opportunity to give it more life and fashioned it into a mother drum after completely stripping it down and designing the art work onto it to suit its owner and its intended use.

   The various stages of making your own shamanic drum

Stage one 

Chosing your rim and skin and centreing them together. At this stage I guide the learners into a journey to meet the spirits of the animal of the skin and the tree from where the rim came from

Stage two

Having soaked the skin and the lacing to be able to work with it.  We start with the lacing by feeding it through the first hole I have already prepared in the outer area of the skin and to the corresponding hole on the opposite side. 

Stage three

Having now laced all of the holes we now start the tightening process.  Then we begin to form the handles. 

Last stage

This is the patient stage to let the drum dry as naturally as possible.  Whilst the drum is beginning to dry out we start to make a beater to use with your drum.

Although this past year has not allowed our camps to take place. These are usually where my drum birthing workshops take place. I also have a few venues around the country where  I work to facilitate these workshops so please ask for details.  However, If you have more than 8 people who want to participate to make their own drum, I will arrange to come to you.   

If you are looking to purchase a drum for yourself or a loved one I have an array of pre made drums with wonderful coloured skins that have beautiful markings.  Most of my ready made drums are on 16 inch rims and I was requested to make a smaller size drum of 14 inches which may be suitable for a child which I make myself.  Go to my products page for more information.